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remove Not-for-us for OOo on sparc, please


OpenOffice.org was disabled from building on sparc bebecause
it (on some machine types, see below) randomly failed to build.

Martin (zobel) approached me a few weeks ago and we confirmed it only fails
on one type of our sparc machines and not on the other, so it got
blacklisted on those "broken" buildds where being enabled again
on the others.
And openoffice.org 1:3.1.1-9 reenabled sparc ...

... but it was (as confirmed and agreed on by the sparc buildd maintainer)
forgotten to remove it from Not-for-us. Can it be done now, please so I get
to know whether it builds with gcc 4.4 and/or we get a sparc binary
in the archive?

I think it would be a pity (and actually a regression to lenny) to
ship squeeze without sparc binaries.


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