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Re: Missing apache2-mpm-itk build for stable-security


On Sat, 5 Dec 2009, Riku Voipio wrote:
I don't usually look at security stuff, so I might be looking at the wrong place,
but the stable-security w-b sees no such binNMU request?

thanks for looking at this, Riku. This probably means that the person scheduling the binNMU for lenny forgot armel (maybe because of simply copying the etch command line?).

wb-team: Is that correct? Can you please schedule 2.2.6-02-1+lenny2+b2 in stable-sec for armel?

A related question: Would it be possible to make read-only access to wanna-build available to the security team? Maybe with some suitably restricted sudo command or a password protected web page?


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