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subversion/anjuta situation


due to some subversion's buggy ruby testsuite, subversion is FTBFSing
on several archs. The funny bit being that this FTBFS usually doesn't
occur on porter boxes (at least for kfreebsd-*), making it hard to
track down.

I'd then advise to upload hand-built subversion packages for the
remaining archs: powerpc, sparc (already failed there), and maybe even
hppa (still Needs-Build, though). mipsel has it BD-Uninstallable due
to some cmake/kdelibs5-dev issues. armel has it maybe-successful so I
guess that anjuta could be given back with a dep-wait on subversion
(>= 1.6.6dfsg-2).

anjuta will then be missing on powerpc due to its being
BD-Uninstallable there. gdl seems to be the culprit here, and it's
been Building for 2 days.


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