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Re: give back bluez on mips(el), wait for binutils 2.20-3?

Simon McVittie wrote:
> A RC bugfix in bluez isn't migrating because of build failures with ld -pie
> on mips/mipsel. binutils 2.20-3 claims to fix this, so I think it should be
> possible to:
> dw bluez_4.56-2 . mips mipsel . -m 'binutils (>= 2.20-3)'


> gb bluez_4.56-2 . mips mipsel

Bogus, so not tried: wanna-build commands are usually used to change the
status of a package. Why would you want to change it from Dep-Wait to
Needs-Build, that does not make any sense to me as that would throw away
the Dep-Wait which was just been set.



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