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Package signing delays

[not sure if all buildd admins subscribed, so a few Bccs]


within the last large transition, I had more than once issues to wait
on some specific packages before being able to go to the next step. In
total, this delayed the transition and made it unnecessary complex, as
the number of changes involved got larger and larger.

What I personally would like is that packages are generally uploaded
within 24 hours after the buildd log is sent, and also they are
generally uploaded within 3 days after the source package is uploaded
/ binNMU is requested (the second being more some "what it means to
say the buildds are fast enough").

Does this sound sensible? (Obvious exceptions apply of course, that's
why I've written generally.) (The goal of this mail is that (at the end
of a possible discussion) we have the same expectations as in what we
can expect and what not.)

(I know that there are discussions about partial autosigning, which
could help to make that possible. This mail doesn't intend to push for
a specific solution, but just to check up expectations.)


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