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Re: Request to rebuild globus-ftp-control and globus-gass-transfer on alpha

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 06:47:33PM +0200, Mattias Ellert wrote:
> Hi!
> Due to a bug introduced in debhelper 7.2.22 (and later fixed in 7.2.23)
> the binary builds on the alpha platform are broken for the following
> packages:
> globus-ftp-control (version 2.10-6)
> globus-gass-transfer (version 3.4-6)

BinNMU scheduled.

> The failed build on alpha of globus-ftp-client (version 3.14-6) is due
> to the broken build of globus-ftp-control above, on which it depends. So
> once a rebuild of globus-ftp-control as requested above has been done
> the Failed state for globus-ftp-client can be lifted and the build
> should succeed.

globus-ftp-client set to dep-wait on globus-ftp-control (>>

> The failed build on alpha of globus-rls-client (version 5.1-6) is due to
> the same debhelper bug that caused the broken packages above. Since this
> bug is now fixed lifting the Failed state for this package should allow
> the build to succeed.

Given back


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