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Re: Csound on mips and sparc

Felipe Sateler wrote:
> Hi. Csound failed on mips due to a java-gcj-compat-dev bug (#529402), 
> that has since been fixed. Please schedule a retry.

given back.

> Also, csound spent more than 10 days building in SPARC (in spontini), and now 
> has been building for 22 hours in schroeder. Last time it built in sparc it 
> took 25 minutes. Is there a problem with the sparc buildds?

It's taken by schroeder for almost a day, but the actual build might not
have happened yet. I think schroeder normally takes 10 packages every
time and builds them one after the other. If one of the packages takes a
long time to build, it can take a while before csound actually gets built...

Anyway, you'd better ask the actual buildd admin to have a look (Cc-ed).



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