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Re: How to setup standalone wanna-build server

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu wrote:
> Hi, all.


> I am building debian autobuild-network by a local network to support
> new architecture (SH4).
> I worked buildd and wanna-build in one of them before.
> Because I was able to obtain several SH4 boards, I want to increase buidd node.
> I think that I want to do my image as follows.
> buildd-node(sh4) <---- >|
>                                   |
> buildd-node(sh4) <----->| <------> wanna-build & data-base & quinn-diff (amd64)
>                                   |
> buildd-node(sh4) <------ |
> I was able to look for some documents[0][1][2], but was not able to
> find a method to operate wanna-build
> with another machine.
> Would you teach a setting method or setting document?

Is there any particular reason why you want to do it yourself instead of
working together with debian-ports.org [3]?

I'm putting the contact address for debian-ports.org in Cc and I hope
you can work something out together.



PS: Are you aware of the debian-superh mailing list [4]?

[3] http://www.debian-ports.org
[4] http://lists.debian.org/debian-superh

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