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Re: Changing how we handle non-free firmware

On 2022/08/22 19:32, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

We will include non-free firmware packages from the
"non-free-firmware" section of the Debian archive on our official
media (installer images and live images). The included firmware
binaries will*normally*  be enabled by default where the system
determines that they are required, but where possible we will include
ways for users to disable this at boot (boot menu option, kernel
command line etc.).

When the installer/live system is running we will provide information
to the user about what firmware has been loaded (both free and
non-free), and we will also store that information on the target
system such that users will be able to find it later. The target
system will*also*  be configured to use the non-free-firmware
component by default in the apt sources.list file. Our users should
receive security updates and important fixes to firmware binaries just
like any other installed software.

While we will publish these images as official Debian media, they will
*not*  replace the current media sets that do not include non-free
firmware packages, but offered alongside. Images that do include
non-free firmware will be presented more prominently, so that
newcomers will find them more easily; fully-free images will not be
hidden away; they will be linked from the same project pages, but with
less visual priority.


Seconded, although I'd drop the "but with less visual priority" because depending on page design it might be good in some cases to have them equally prominent in lists (some might assume that this GR means that the free images /must/ always be less prominent than the non-free ones if they are listed anywhere).


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