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Re: Question to all candidates: how is Debian doing?


On Thu, 17 Mar 2022 16:54:54 +0100
Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> wrote:
> How is Debian doing currently?

 Working steadily as well as before, and providing better quality in
 testing/unstable than ever (stable is also better of course).

 As usual, more packages in each releases.

> What are the recent successes I might have missed?

 Well, there are more derivatives that are based on Debian than before.
 The trend of server systems goes to a container, and many many people
 (and systems) use debian(-slim) docker image and distroless that uses Debian.

 It means, we've provided a lot of values for the world - transparently.

> Where did we fail or under-perform?

 We have many derivatives that may mean they are not satisfied with our
 project and want to make it outside of the project. And upstreaming it
 to Debian is not so much. Some of them are worth it for users, and they
 can make Debian more attractive. Please take them to us, borrow them!

 Wrong reputation: 'Debian means "too old to use"' :(
 It is not valid, and as a user of testing/unstable, I can see that
 we are making updates every day. But I can see such words in social media
 a lot - it's a failure. It seems that "Many items are produced in a factory,
 but consumers cannot see it at the stores." It's not a manufacturing system
 failure, but we can put more performance in a delivery system, IMO.

> Which big challenges do you see ahead of us?

 * Refactoring the project and its infrastructure (more effort and investment)
 * With above, provide more "values" through daily development with
   stability (as ever) and predictable changes for users
 * Communicate with users and contributors more, hear their voice
 * More statistics to measure success (and fail) and decide direction

  All of the above needs contributors' will! :)

> Are there opportunities that we could leverage?

 Huge YES. We can do more - if we would "Embrace Change".

Hideki Yamane <henrich@iijmio-mail.jp>

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