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Re: GR: Hide Identities of Developers Casting a Particular Vote


On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 10:19:20AM -0700, Sam Hartman wrote:

I propose the followiwng general resolution, which will require a 3:1
super majority to pass.

I'm seeking sponsors for this resolution.

I sponsor the resolution below.



During the vote for GR_2021_002o, several developers said they were
uncomfortable voting because under the process at that time, their name
and ballot ranking would be public.
A number of participants in the discussion believe that we would get
election results that more accurately reflect the will of the developers
if we do not make the name associated with a particular vote on the
tally sheet public.
Several people believed that the ranked votes without names attached
would still be valuable public information.

This proposal would treat all elections like DPL elections.
At the same time it relaxes the requirement that the secretary must
conduct a vote via email.  There are no current plans to move away from
email, although some members of the project want to explore
alternatives.  If this proposal passes, adopting such an alternative
would require sufficient support in the project but would not require
another constitutional amendment.

This proposal relies on the secretary's existing power to decide how
votes are conducted. During discussion we realized that there is no
mechanism to override a specific decision of the secretary, and the
language allowing the project to replace the secretary is ambiguous.

Summary of Changes

   1) Do not make the identity of a voter casting a particular vote

   2) Do not require that votes be conducted by email.

   3) Clarify that the developers can replace the secretary at any time.

   4) Provide a procedure for overriding the decision of the project
   secretary or their delegate.  Overriding the decision of what super
   majority is required or overriding the determination of election
   outcome requires a 3:1 majority.  The chair of the technical committee
   decides who conducts such votes.

   6) Codify that our election system must permit independent verification
   of the outcome given the votes cast and must permit developers to
   confirm their vote is included in the votes cast.

General Resolution==================

The developers resolve to make the changes to the Debian Constitution
embodied in git commit ed88a1e3c1fc367ee89620a73047d84a797c9a1d.
As of February 23, 2022, this commit can be found at

For convenience a word-diff of the changes is included below.  In case
the diff differs from the commit, the commit governs.

@@ -179,9 +179,27 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>

   [-<p>In case of-]{+<p>Appoint+} a [-disagreement between-]{+new secretary. In the normal case ( &sect;7.2) where+} the project
   leader and {+secretary agree on+} the [-incumbent-]{+next+} secretary, [-appoint a new secretary.</p>-]{+this power of+}
{+    the developers is not used.</p>+}
{+    <p>Override a decision of the project secretary or their+}
{+    delegate.</p>+}

{+    <p>Overriding the determination of what super majority is required+}
{+    for a particular ballot option or overriding the determination of+}
{+    the outcome of an election requires the developers to agree by a+}
{+    3:1 majority.  The determination of the majority required to+}
{+    override a decision of the secretary is not subject to+}
{+    override.</p>+}

{+    <p>The chair of the technical committee decides who acts as+}
{+    secretary for a general resolution to override a decision of the+}
{+    project secretary or their delegate. If the decision was not made+}
{+    by the chair of the technical committee, the committee chair may+}
{+    themselves act as secretary. The decision of who acts as secretary+}
{+    for such a general resolution is not subject to override.</p>+}

<h3>4.2. Procedure</h3>
@@ -228,9 +246,10 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>
      Votes are taken by the Project Secretary. Votes, tallies, and
      results are not revealed during the voting period; after the
      vote the Project Secretary lists all the votes {+cast in sufficient detail that anyone may verify the outcome of the election from the votes cast. The+}
{+       identity of a developer casting a particular vote is not made+}
{+       public, but developers will be given an option to confirm their vote is included in the votes+} cast. The voting period is 2 weeks, but may be varied by up
      to 1 week by the Project Leader.

@@ -247,7 +266,7 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>

   <p>Votes are cast[-by email-] in a manner suitable to the Secretary.
   The Secretary determines for each poll whether voters can change
   their votes.</p>
@@ -371,8 +390,7 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>

 <li>The next two weeks are the polling period during which
 Developers may cast their votes. [-Votes in leadership elections are-]
[-  kept secret, even after the election is finished.</li>-]{+</li>+}

 <li>The options on the ballot will be those candidates who have
 nominated themselves and have not yet withdrawn, plus None Of The


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