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Re: GR: Hide Identities of Developers Casting a Particular Vote

I wanted to give a diff from what I published as the second round to
what I formally proposed.
The changes should be removal of the text about putting secretary
decisions on hold and  some indentation fixes in the rationale.

@@ -40,22 +40,20 @@ Summary of Changes
    outcome requires a 3:1 majority.  The chair of the technical committee
    decides who conducts such votes.

[-5) Clarify that decisions of the secretary or their delegates can be put-]
[-on hold.-]    6) Codify that our election system must permit independent verification
    of the outcome given the votes cast and must permit developers to
    confirm their vote is included in the votes cast.

General Resolution==================

The developers resolve to make the changes to the Debian Constitution
embodied in git commit [-dfc2e6b1cd4ac13c3ee11e1f7f3ff3a1450af52d.-]{+ed88a1e3c1fc367ee89620a73047d84a797c9a1d.+}
As of February [-13,-]{+23,+} 2022, this commit can be found at

For convenience a word-diff of the changes is included below.  In case
the diff differs from the commit, the commit governs.

@@ -179,9 +179,27 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>

@@ -86,18 +84,6 @@ In the normal case ( &sect;7.2) where+} the project

<h3>4.2. Procedure</h3>
[-@@ -198,9 +216,9 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>-]
[-    <p>Delaying a decision by the Project Leader or their Delegate:</p>-]

[-    <ol>-]
[-      <li>If the Project Leader or their Delegate, {+the project secretary or-]
[-their delegate,+} or the Technical-]
[-      Committee, has made a decision, then Developers can override them-]
[-      by passing a resolution to do so; see-]
[-[-&sect;4.1(3).</li>-]{+&sect;4.1(3), &sect;4.1(4), and &sect;4.1(8).</li>+}-]

[-      <li>If such a resolution is sponsored by at least 2K Developers,-]
[-      or if it is proposed by the Technical Committee, the resolution-]
@@ -228,9 +246,10 @@ earlier can overrule everyone listed later.</cite></p>
       Votes are taken by the Project Secretary. Votes, tallies, and
@@ -127,6 +113,3 @@ varied by up
  <li>The next two weeks are the polling period during which
  Developers may cast their votes. [-Votes in leadership elections are-]
[-  kept secret, even after the election is finished.</li>-]{+</li>+}

[-  <li>The options on the ballot will be those candidates who have-]
[-  nominated themselves and have not yet withdrawn, plus None Of The-]

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