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Status of resolution process GR

We're coming up on the formal end of the discussion period following the
last formal change, so I wanted to give people a quick update and plan for
the timing of a vote.

I haven't gotten any feedback on the last version of the proposal, and I
know a lot of people are away for vacation.  I'm therefore planning on
making the formal call for votes on January 8th, assuming nothing happens
before then that would postpone it.  That will give people the first week
of January to come back from vacation and have a chance to catch up.  I do
want to get this resolved as soon as is reasonable, since I know a lot of
other work is backed up waiting for this to finish.

As an aside, people may be curious about how to reconcile this long delay
with the more abbreviated timing that the GR itself proposes.  My primary
hope would be that a clearer schedule would have provided an incentive for
people to act with somewhat more alacrity (myself included), since I don't
think this last phase of the discussion necessarily needed to take this

But, that said, if the feedback had followed the same schedule but under
the new rules, at the point at which Kurt sent his feedback and I was
unable to address it immediately and the holidays were immediately
upcoming, I would have withdrawn the proposal and then reintroduced it on
January 3rd after the holidays, thus restarting the discussion clock then.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)              <https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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