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Re: GR: Change the resolution process (corrected)

tl;dr: I second this.

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 05:15:34PM +0200, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Text of the GR
> ==============
> The Debian Developers, by way of General Resolution, amend the Debian
> constitution under point 4.1.2 as follows. This General Resolution
> requires a 3:1 majority.
> Sections 4 through 7
> --------------------
> Same changes as in Russ' proposal
> Section A
> ---------
> Replace section A as per Russ' proposal, with the following changes:
> A.1.1. Strike the sentence "The maximum discussion period is 3 weeks".
> A.1.4. Strike in its entirety
> A.1.5. Rename to A.1.4.
> A.1.6. Strike in its entirety
> A.1.7. Rename to A.1.5.
> After A.2, insert:
> A.3. Extending the discussion time.
> 1. When less than 48 hours remain in the discussion time, any Developer
>    may propose an extension to the discussion time, subject to the
>    limitations of §A.3.3. These extensions may be seconded according to
>    the same rules that apply to new ballot options.
> 2. As soon as a time extension has received the required number of
>    seconds, these seconds are locked in and cannot be withdrawn, and the
>    time extension is active.
> 3. When a time extension has received the required number of seconds,
>    its proposers and seconders may no longer propose or second any
>    further time extension for the same ballot, and any further seconds
>    for the same extension proposal will be ignored for the purpose of
>    this paragraph. In case of doubt, the Project Secretary decides how
>    the order of seconds is determined.
> 4. The first two successful time extensions will extend the discussion
>    time by one week; any further time extensions will extend the
>    discussion time by 72 hours.
> 5. Once the discussion time is longer than 4 weeks, any Developer may
>    object to further time extensions. Developers who have previously
>    proposed or seconded a time extension may object as well. If the
>    number of objections outweigh the proposer and their seconders,
>    including seconders who will be ignored as per §A.3.3, the time
>    extension will not be active and the discussion time does not change.
> A.3. Rename to A.4.
> A.4. Rename to A.5.
> A.5. Rename (back) to A.6.



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