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Re: GR: Change the resolution process (corrected)

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> This constitutional change attempts to address those issues by
> * separating the Technical Committee process from the General Resolution
>   process since they have different needs;
> * requiring (passive) consensus among TC members that a resolution is
>   ready to proceed to a vote;
> * setting a maximum discussion period for a TC resolution and then
>   triggering a vote;
> * setting a maximum discussion period for a GR so that the timing of the
>   vote is predictable;
> * extending the GR discussion period automatically if the ballot changes;
> * modifying the GR process to treat all ballot options equally, with a
>   clearer process for addition, withdrawal, and amendment;
> * changing the default option for a GR to "none of the above"; and
> * clarifying the discretion extended to the Project Secretary.


Although, I think you should fix A.2.3 which currently says:

> ... sponsors stepping forward, it removed from the draft ballot.
which I'd suggest needs an 'is', or perhaps 'will be', between 'it' & 'removed'

Cheers, Phil.
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