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Re: Opposing strict time limits

On 10/24/21 2:01 PM, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
6. The project leader may, at any point in the process, set the
    discussion period to any length between 1 and 3 weeks, except that
    they may not do so in a way that causes the discussion period to end
    within 48 hours of when this change is made, unless that would
    require them to set a discussion time beyond three weeks.

What is the purpose/intent of the "unless" here? If the discussion period is coming right up on (< 48 hours) 3 weeks, can the DPL truncate it using this?

10. When a time extension has received the required number of seconds,
     the discussion time is extended to end 72 hours from when the
     extension was first proposed.

This wording might need some tweaking for clarity/anti-abuse. Specifically, if I ask for and receive an "extension" when there was more than 72 hours left already, what happens?


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