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Expectation of constructive interaction

Dear fellow Debian community members,

We have been having two weeks of difficult and heated discussion. The level of conflict has escalated out of proportion, both within the project and outside. We remind everyone that you are expected to interact constructively with our community. That goes not only for Debian Members, but also everybody who uses our mailing lists and other infrastructure.

This is true especially at a time when some in our community have received threats and others are expecting them, just because they took part in discussions or voted as our constitution allows them to.

This is entirely unacceptable.

We remind you that if you repeatedly send messages which raise the level of conflict; if you often behave confrontationally towards people; if you tend to disregard cries for help or requests to take a step back: you are not meeting our community standards.

We expect people not to justify themselves using the bad behaviour of others. As long as you use the unacceptable behaviour of others to justify your own unacceptable behaviour, you are not meeting our community standards.

Consider this a general warning to everyone / all sides. Different opinions are normal, and we have ways to resolve conflicts. But some of the behaviour we have witnessed recently is not, ever, tolerable.

Please think about the message you're about to send and whether it genuinely furthers discussion or simply antagonises others. For help, do reach out to your close circle of friends, and the Community Team.

For the DAMs,
 Joerg Jaspert
 Enrico Zini
 Jonathan Wiltshire

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