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Re: Proposal to overturn init systems premature GR

On Wed, 4 Dec 2019 13:21:20 -0500
Louis-Philippe Véronneau <pollo@debian.org> wrote:

> [...]
> So far I've stayed away from writing on the list, since I think it has
> been very verbose and I find that tiresome.
> I'm tired of this GR already and in my heart, I wish I could just vote
> and be done with it.
> Yet, I have to agree with folks who say this whole thing has moved very
> quickly. I salute Sam for trying to push important issues ahead, but I
> fear we could all benefit from a vote in January.
> I'm not sure Ian's GR proposal really helps and I don't see any other
> solution than Sam agreeing to postpone the vote.
> Sam, please consider postponing the vote on the init GR after January,
> even though it might push back other issues (like the whole git ordeal).

I hate "me too" posts, but... I second everything said here.

I support Ian's efforts to come up with a "universal" option to vote for that
supports the nature of our "universal" operating system, especially because it
seems to merge the best of the other options in a way that I think most can
agree with. If things were being dragged out, that would be one thing, but
that's not the case.

I find it unfortunate that the call to vote was based on poor behavior by
some individuals instead of being based on the active efforts of those trying to
improve the end result (following the vote). I do not believe the latter should
be punished for behavior of the former. There are more appropriate ways to
handle those problems. If you need help with that, I would encourage you to
contact the Community Team.

Michael Lustfield

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