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Withdrawing Proposal C; Option Ordering; CFV Timing

First, if it does not reset the minimum discussion period, I'd like to
withdraw proposal C.
I think the overlap between Proposal C and F is significant and we have
not identified differences that appear to be important to our community.

I don't plan to make aCFV before Tuesday.  Whether even that makes sense
depends on what happens between now and then.  I continue to believe it
is very important to start voting by December 8.  based on feedback
received so far, I do plan to ask to extend the voting period to three

Obviously others could choose to make a CFV sooner.

At this point, speaking as an interested party, but not the DPL, I'd
request that we not reorder the options.
I've found that I need to talk in mails, IRC, notes to myself about the
specific proposals by letter.
I have seen others do the same.
I think that the cost of confusion is high enough at this point that I'd
rather not see us reorder.
If you do reorder, please please don't change the web links like
https://www.debian.org/vote/2019/vote_002#textf (the link to Proposal
F's text).

I do agree that reordering would have been nice.

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