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CFV Timing and length of voting period

Question at the end about length of voting period.

Things seem to be calming down here.
Assuming no changes, I think having discussion end on November 30 is
The sorts of changes that might complicate that include: a significant
new issue coming up, or a new proposal coming up that seems like it
might plausibly attract enough sponsors.
The recent change Ian is making doesn't sound like a complex new issue:
people proposed an improvement and it looks like Ian will quickly be
able to agree and change his proposal.

Assuming discussion ends on November 30, I think it would be good to
start the vote as soon as the secretary can.  Rationale is to give
people as much pre-holiday voting timing as Russ suggested.

I'm discussing Kurt's constraints with him.
The earliest time might be midnight UTC on december 1.
My preference would be a couple of days later, but I'd prefer December 1
to December 7 or 8.

One question.  Should I extend the voting period to give people more
time to vote given that holidays are near.  I'm not sure it would help
much because I think the primary effect of doing that would be to extend
the voting period into the middle of the holidays.  But if people think
it might help and would not be harmful I'm happy to do so.


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