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Next Steps

I'm using the language of amendments and stuff even though I realize
this is not formally correct.

My current plan to move forward based on discussion here is:

* Update choice 1 to accept an amendment proposed by Martin:

Correct an ambiguous sentence to say:
>   a package having a service unit but without an init script is no longer an
>   RC bug, but including an init script is appropriate for a non-maintainer
>   upload.

* Update the early boot language per my discussion with Wouter

* Change the title of choice 3

* In choice 1 integrate language similar to Russ's option B for
  non-init-system systemd features

* In choice 2 integrate language similar to Russ's option C for
  non-init- systemd features

* In choice 3 integrate language similar to Russ's option D for non-init
  systemd features.  Russ is correct that I effectively proposed option
  C with choice 3, but my reading of the discussion is that people who
  prefer choice 3 are more likely to like option D than C.

* Formally propose text as a GR
I have no doubt I'll be accepting amendments and resetting the
discussion timer at least once.
However, I think we've more or less accomplished what we can do without
an announcement to d-d-a.  I think it's time to show something to the
project as a whole and turn on the mechanisms for people to propose
amendments and get seconds and all that.

In terms of outstanding things:

* I think those changes may effectively accept enough of Matthias
  proposal that he does not need to propose an amendment.  If not, I'm
  very likely to be able to accept an amendment to integrate that.

* I will not have accepted Dmitry's proposal either as a replacement for
  choice 1 or as a new option.  I'd prefer that he collect seconds and
  control the wording of his proposal.

* Choice 1 will still refer to current policy.  I think that's OK but
  not great.  I'd want to see people both supporting roughly what choice
  1 does and supporting specific alternate text before making that

* We will not have an choice on the ballot with Russ's option A
  regarding non-init systemd features.  Dmitry's option would do that if
  it gets enough seconds.

* There will not be an option like choice 3 with russ's option C (rather
  than Russ's option D).
If we see k developers wanting that option I'd be happy to accept (or
  they could manage their own proposal).

* I will not have accepted Simon's proposal either as a replacement for
  the entire ballot or as additional options.  Again, I think Simon can
  collect seconds.
If there are 

If it becomes clear that someone else is a better facilitator for one of
the choices than me, I'm happy to turn that over.  We can discuss
logistics if that happens.  One way would be for me to remove the choice
from the proposal and for them to get seconds for an amendment.

I'd like to do the above today.
I don't know if it will happen; I'm in the middle of a fun project that
is eating my brain at work.

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