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Re: [draft] Draft text on Init Systems GR


On  Do 07 Nov 2019 19:59:49 CET, Sam Hartman wrote:

No, the difference intended between choice 2 and 3 is about how we
handle technologies like elogind, or a mythical technology that parsed
sysusers files, rather than how we handle starting daemons.

I'd suggest leaving elogind entirely out of the discussion, here.

The elogind fork of the systemd component systemd-logind only kicks in, just like systemd-logind, once a user logs into the session.

As I get it, the rest of the GR draft is about system services initialization, not user session services startups.

If systemd was mandatory, user session services would be handled by systemd-logind.

If systemd was replaceable by some other init system, than there would be (at least) two options:

  - still use systemd-logind for user session service startups
    (and have all the systemd entanglement package-wise) [1, 2]
  - use elogind (drop-in replacement for systemd-logind, no entanglement
    with systemd as a system service orchestrator)

Isn't as side-question that is on the table with this GR: what about the future of non-Linux variants of Debian. If systemd becomes _the_ init system of focus in Debian (by vote, not only de facto), kFreeBSD and Hurd will certainly have more of their difficulties, more than they have now.


[1] in Debian jessie this was possible
[2] Ubuntu used to have a phase when upstart was handling system services and systemd-logind was handling user session services


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