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Question to Martin: How are your Grants and Paid DPL Proposals Differnt than Dunc-Tanc

Let me start by saying that I think it would be valuable to  find ways
to get more people paid to work on Debian; I was excited to see that in
your platform.

I'm nervous because of our past experience in this area.

I'm really hoping you have answers though because I agree with you that
lack of funding is something that slows down our project and I'd like to
find a way to get more people funded, but I think it's important for us
to do so in a manner that people are comfortable with.

In a recent mail you said

>Yes, external grants and external paid work.  None of that is

by which I think you're saying that the idea of helping Debian
Developers get external grants to work on Debian would not be
In that same mail you talked about potentially turning the DPL into a
paid position, acknowledging that would be controversial.

In the past Debian did try to pay developers for working  on Debian; the
project I'm most familiar with was the dunc-tanc experiment [1]. That
ended up being rather controversial.


It seems like having the Debian Project and DPL working to get more paid
developers might run into some of the same issues.
In particular there might be a perception that there would be two
classes of developers and that volunteers would be
frustrated/disappointed they were not getting paid.

How would you address the concerns in the position statement I linked


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