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Questions about "Winding down my Debian involvement"

Hi to all brave candidates,

thanks to you all to volunteer for the DPL job.  I wish you all good luck
for the elections and the future DPL my best wishes.

Recently I've read the article "Winding down my Debian involvement" from
Michael Stapelberg[1].  I consider that article an interesting reading and
I would love to hear the opinion of the candidates about it.

Besides your general opinion I'm interested in your opinion about some
questions that immediately popped up when reading the article.

  1. I followed the hint to rsync checked out the source package have
     read the 6k d/rules of it.  In line with the request for modernisation
     I wonder whether the candidates see any chance to convince 
     maintainers to stick to some standard like debhelper >= 9 as a
     recommended build tool.  (Rsync is just a random example - I have
     seen several other packages that made my work as bug hunter harder
     than necessary and I know efforts like cross building which would
     profit heavily from some unification.)

  2. I consider packaging in Git on salsa.debian.org a big move
     forward to some unified workflow for Debian packaging (thanks to
     Salsa admins by the way).  Do you see any chance to convince
     maintainers to maintain their packages on salsa.d.o as a
     recommended development platform.

Kind regards


PS: I'm not subscribed and while I feel able to read the archive I'd be
    happy about CCing me.

[1] https://michael.stapelberg.ch/posts/2019-03-10-debian-winding-down/


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