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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2019: Call for nominations

On 14/03/19 at 00:05 +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> What could work is a group of people that are elected together, agree
> beforehand on how to share the various areas of responsibility, and
> synchronize very frequently to align their views. But it's probably hard
> to be efficient in the typical Debian setup, and to determine a split of
> responsibilities that would work.

So, thinking a bit more about that, and using
https://www.debian.org/intro/organization.en.html as a basis, a split
that could maybe work is:

1/ a deputy DPL in charge of overseeing the teams that work on the core
business of Debian (producing the distribution), and dealing with the
questions in that area. That includes monitoring the teams and detecting
inter-team issues, ensuring that each team is properly staffed, etc. So
it's the subset of #0 and #1 that deals with that area.  Teams covered:
FTP Archive, Backports, Release, CD Images, wanna-build, buildd, ports,
security, LTS, Policy, ... and probably the interactions with the Technical
[ that role covers a lot of things, but is not that hard because most of
those teams are pretty functional ]

2/ a deputy DPL in charge of social/people stuff.
Teams covered: DAM, Anti-Harassment, Keyring, data protection, Outreach,
NM, ...
[ that role is difficult for the obvious reasons ]

3/ a deputy DPL in charge of legal and financial matters.
Teams covered: Treasurer, Trademark, interactions with TOs and
organizations offering legal advice to Debian, approving expenses
[ that role is difficult because those teams are generally understaffed ]

4/ a deputy DPL in charge of Debian infrastructure
Teams covered: DSA, mirrors, maybe QA, Salsa, listmasters, ...
[ that role is quite easy because those teams are pretty functional ]

5/ a deputy DPL in charge of publicity and events [I'm not entirely sure
about that merge]
Teams covered: Publicity, Debconf Committee, Events, sprints
organization, etc.

6/ a DPL that coordinates this team, does the front desk work, and
garbage-collects the tasks that don't fit easily in one of those areas.


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