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Re: quantity of DPL candidates?

also sprach Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [2016-03-15 17:26 +0100]:
> I think it reflects the fact that being the DPL is an
> unfortunately large commitment for a single person.
> There have been various proposals to replace the single DPL with
> a board, which I think are a good idea.  But I worry that
> decisionmaking would be too slow if everything had to be done by
> committee.  Perhaps we could have a board which granted each board
> member broad authority (which they would be expected to exercise
> for urgent or uncontroversial matters) and left within-board
> voting to dealing with controversies or big decisions.

What sort of decision-making are we talking about? We require the
DPL to sign off on expenses, but this could be solved with
a (collaboratively generated) budget. What other decisions are in
the DPL realm? I don't mean the constitutionally assigned roles, but
those decisions which the DPL wouldn't defer to someone who knows
better already? For if there weren't many of those, another
consideration would be just to get rid of the DPL position and
spread powers wider and closer to where the work is being done.

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