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Re: quantity of DPL candidates?

On 14/03/16 03:53, Paul Wise wrote:
> Hi Mehdi,
> Any thoughts on the low amount of DPL candidates this year? The only
> year we have had a sole candidate was when zack ran for second-term
> re-election in 2011, which is a quite different situation to this one,
> where the previous DPL is not running for re-election.
> How do you think this situation reflects on the health of the Debian project?

It could be a flaw in the nomination process.  Perhaps nominations
should be made in secret.  Then more people would nominate out of
concern that somebody unsuitable may be elected by default.

The DPL job involves a lot of work and anybody who is suitable to be DPL
is probably aware of the expectations and workload.  Maybe there are
some improvements to organization structure, like having a couple of
Deputy DPLs, that would make it more fair to the DPL.

> Do you think we should vote for NOTA until someone else nominates themselves?

No, people should only vote none-of-the-above if they have good reason
to believe there is some fault with the candidate.  If somebody is aware
of a really good reason not to support Mehdi then not only should they
vote NOTA, they should also consider asking Mehdi to withdraw or making
the concerns public.  I'm not aware of any such concerns myself.



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