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Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2015 Results

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 12:50:36PM +0200, Enrico Zini wrote:

> In nm.debian.org's nightly maintenance I run a lot of code that computes
> differences between these data sources, so we have the capability of
> tracking things, and the possibility of manually tweaking nm.debian.org
> to really fit the bill. But since we have also a need for manual tweaks,
> it gets out of date.
> > more to be done before this is complete. There's a vague plan to get
> > this done during DebConf if not before.
> And indeed that'd be the way forward as I see it: reduce the need for
> manual intervention as much as possible, so that routine takes care of
> itself, and manual intervention is only needed for corner cases, which
> are hopefully few and far apart in time.

I have now managed to implement some auto-import of changes from the
machine-readable commits of the keyring-maint git repo.

I have also implemented audit tracking of all changes to Person records
on nm.debian.org, which in turn allowed me to change the nightly
maintenance scripts to do more aggressive imports of changes from
keyrings and LDAP.

I have also done quite a bit of manual work fixing every inconsistency
that could not be fixed automatically.

For the first time ever, keyrings, LDAP and nm.debian.org should now all
be perfectly aligned. I saw *WOW* to that, and thanks to everyone
involved, because I think that membership is a rather important area
where to have all databases in sync.

I'm under no illusion that it will automatically stay this way, as my
experience says that there is a fractal amount of corner cases involved.
However, as long as automation and further improvements to our
procedures mean that the routine is dealt with automatically, the
remaining corner cases should be possible to process by hand with,
hopefully, more curiosity than effort.

It could still all fall to pieces next time there is a mass-corner-case
(like a giant key removal commit) that the automation cannot deal with
and that can only be fixed by a Small Matter Of Programming, or an
accumulation of corner cases that I/we didn't have the energy to deal
with and that pile up into more and more daunting piles of changes to
process, so this is not a solved problem.

It is however, much more solveder than before[1], and we have a plan, at
DebConf, to see how to make it better.

So, to answer the Secretary's question, I believe that there are
currently 988 Debian Developers. We release (numbers) when they are

Life is good, or at least, much more gooder.


[1] not having earnt a degree from Oxbridge universities, I do not risk
    losing it if I write stuff like that :P
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