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Re: Q to all candidates: fundraising

>>>>> "martin" == martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:

    martin> What is your perception of fundraising in and around Debian?

I think fundraisers can be great, for specific non-recurring tasks, or
as an additional source of funding for significantly larger ones, which
would be very hard to fund otherwise.

In my opinion, if a recurring project is successful, and we keep doing
it year after year, then we should try our best to minimise the amount
of fundraising required.

    martin> If anything, what changes would you like to help implement?

I'd like to find stable funding for recurring tasks, whenever possible,
be that through sponsors, or from general Debian money. Furthermore, my
experience with fundraisers is that hard to obtain goals are rarely
reached. On the other hand, running additional fundraisers for the
stretch goals can yield a lot more support, than running one larger
thing. I have not followed Debian and Debian-related fundraising efforts
recently, but if we have not tried alternative ways of running one,
perhaps we should.

Sponsors doing matching donations is also something that sends a signal
of importance and stability, which encourages people - at least some
people - to take part in the effort. Therefore, finding more such
sponsors would be a useful effort.


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