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next DPL election


As I've been asked at FOSDEM, and reached a decision, I would like to
make a more official statement.

It has been a pleasure and a honor to be the Debian Project Leader since
2013. Debian is really a fantastic project to be part of, with a unique
community. The recent times have not been the easiest ever, but I am
convinced that the approaching jessie release will just show how we have
overcomed the recent difficulties.

But I also think that switching release cycles is a good opportunity to
align other changes, and starting a fresh release cycle with a fresh DPL
might be a good idea. Put differently: no, I will not run for re-election.

During my last 2.5 months of this term, I will do my best to ensure that
the transition to the next DPL will be as smooth as possible. That
includes working on finishing some already-started tasks, to enable the
next DPL to start with a clean(er) sheet. This means that, if I've been
pinging you about something on a regular basis, please expect the
pressure to increase. :-) (Also, feel free to ping me if you think I've
forgotten about something.)

Finally, this means that we need to find DPL candidates so that we can all
enjoy a lively DPL campaign. Please don't be shy, and:
- really consider running yourself
- make sure your dream candidates know they are your dream candidates

Oh, and to really enjoy the DPL campaign, we should try to get other
things off our plate before it -- let's fix all RC bugs and release
jessie by then?

- Lucas

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