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Re: Tentative summary of the amendments

On 24 October 2014 12:12, Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> wrote:
> On Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
>> This is the same requirement as with regular dependencies. If you want
>> into next release, then all your dependencies must be there. If you
>> want to be supporting two init systems in next release, then it only
>> can count if the two init systems that you support are also in the
>> release.
> yeah, sure. Just til now it was mandating that someone packages some software
> for them and put it in Debian. Now the mandate is also to keep it's bug free,
> make sure it's part of the release and maintain it during it's lifecycle. And
> people want to vote on this and by voting tell others to do that.

Just consider your second init system to be your dependency. Then
everything make sense - you can not get into testing unless your
dependency is there already.

That is a bit unortodox, but the intend of the GR is that you would
choose to support one of the init systems already in Debian. Packaging
a completely new init system was your choice. Same thing happens if
you decide to use yet-another-jpeg-library instead of libjpeg* - you
get the added packaging and maintenance burden.

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