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Re: Debian Project Leader?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 02:23:30PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> Please imagine a Debian without the DPL position. How would it be
> better, how would it be worse, how would things work differently,
> would it be desirable?

Hi Paul,

I think there's a couple of aspects to this, one from an external
project perspective, and one from an internal one.

Externally, the DPL role is one that's useful for an interface between
Debian and various organisations. This ranges from press, other
organisations, and trusted organisations.

Without a DPL, it would be quite difficult to have some speak on behalf
of Debian in an authoritative way. As press officer, I've issued
statements on behalf of the project for some issues, but this is
restricted to the view of the project as a whole, so can be limited to
"the project has made no final decision yet", or "developer X says Y".
The DPL has a mandate to say things which allows them to be a bit more
From a practical point of view, SPI needs someone to approve expenses -
I can't think of a simple way of this happening without a DPL.

Internally, the DPL is someone who can coordinate and communicate.
Talking to other developers, and ensuring that teams aren't being
blocked by issues is a key role.

Would this still all be possible without a DPL? Yes, but I think it
would be improbable without someone *acting* in the DPL role, even if
they're not officially elected to it. Recommended reading includes The
Starfish and the Spider[0], I would recommend it for those interested in
decentralised organisations :)


[0] http://www.starfishandspider.com/

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