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Rationale for CoC proposal A

Hi list,

I'm sorry to be doing this in the middle of campaigning, but this will
come to a vote pretty soon, and I don't think I want to wait until it's
too late. Candidates can ignore this (unless they want to comment, of

I'd like to propose a rationale for option one on the ballot, if I may:

  Allowing the DPL to update the Code of Conduct will make it easier to
  adapt it to changing circumstances, without having to go through a
  lengthy GR procedure. One of the roles of the DPL is to mediate in
  case of conflict; therefore, the DPL is in an ideal position to detect
  when an update to the code of conduct may be necessary.

  If the DPL were to go rogue and replace the Code of Conduct by a blank
  page (or similar), we already have sufficient procedures to recall or
  override the DPL.


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will not go to space today.

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