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Re: Both DPL candidates: handling social conflict

On Fri, March 14, 2014 15:37, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> You use the init discussions as an example. I'd like to stress that many
> people (inside and outside Debian) have been extremely impressed by the
> init discussion on the -ctte@ list. The Technical Committee provided an
> in-depth technical review of the various options, and many people told me
> that they read those discussions and learned a lot of things about init
> systems.
> That discussion gives good examples of recipes for successful discussions
> in Debian: focus on the technical issues, on the goals, on the interests,
> understand and respect the points made by other participants, etc.

This surprises me. I rather perceived that discussion as needlessly
aggressive and highly confrontational (also when discounting all the
external 'contributors'): it even got so far that a resolution was
proposed and voted on to depose the chairman. Is this in your opinion
really a model for how discussions should be handled?


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