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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems - Linux IS about CHOICE

Matthias Urlichs, Why should we believe you or the bullshit excuses given
in the article?

The fact is, last year none of this crap was needed.
Now it suddenly is.
Furthermore gnome stole libgtk from the gimp project recently
and then they made an incompatable "libgtk" 3.0.

And now they're requiring all these bullshit daemons, and systemd.

This is a political coup. We are being lead by the nose.
Notice the arguments from the gnome and systemd people are always the same
across all forums, for years.

"It is for your own good"
"You must join the modern era"
They know better than us and we must join.
Over and over again for the past year or two.

I think these are the same people.
Fake personas, or directed by their employers.

They should be thrown out, we should recongise them for what they are.

Real, traditional linux includes
sysv or bsd style init (or openrc).
libgtk2 (not 3).
gnome2 (not 3).

And no systemd.

We should also take heed of Snowden's documents which show that
the United States government, which is an evil force that
blows up and burns alive little girls and boys in afghanistan
iraq and elsewhere, had and has a program to subvert technology
and software projects everywhere.

Systemd and its shills are likely part of this.
They should be thrown out of our community distributions.
Pretty much anything by redhat is harmful nowadays.
And anyone associated.


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