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Four people decided the fate of debian with systemd. Bad faith likely

FOUR people made a decision that would once have required
thousands of votes. FOUR votes overrideds the decision
debian took before the tech-ctte dictatorship to standardize
on system V init rather than bsd style init scripts

The tech-ctte was created to arbitrate and decide disputes
between package maintainers. It was not created to decide
fundamental issues about the OS. Some members have used it
in bad faith to push through a decision

This is a bad-faith acquisition of power here that has occurred.
The debian tech-ctte should be disbanded for that reason

*The tech-ctte is stacked not with volunteer debian devs, but
by people on the payroll of redhat and canonical of ubuntu fame,
that's why there was a tie-vote, they voted their paycheques

*The monetary situation with the tech-ctte members raises a strong
presumption of self-dealing.

*The way they voted party lines confirms it nearly.

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