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Re: Debian's custom use of Condorcet and later-no-harm

Thue Janus Kristensen writes ("Debian's custom use of Condorcet and later-no-harm"):
> There is what I consider an unnecessary problem with later-no-harm [1] in
> Debian's use of the Condorcet voting method in the Debian Constitution
> §A.6.3 [2].

Yes.  I disagree with your analysis, though: I think the root cause is
the requirement that the winning option _strictly beat_ FD.

If A.6.3 were changed to >= then this problem could not arise unless
FD were tied with another option.

Or to put it another way: if we had a straight vote:
  4 voters: A > FD
  4 voters: FD > A
then I think it is entirely proper to allow the elector with the
casting vote to choose between A and FD.

If there is a tie but no elector with a casting vote, the results
should be FD, obviously.

Whether routine use of the casting vote in TC votes is a good idea is
a different matter.  This came up in today's IRC meeting.  The obvious
answers are (a) change the size of the committee (b) give the casting
vote to the DPL instead.


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