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[all candidates] Advertising testing and security support


Lucas wrote in his plateform:

  For example, we have been providing a fairly good rolling release for
  almost 13 years with testing, but we totally fail at advertising it as
  something supported and usable by end users.

Even if a dedicated team is supposed to care about security in
testing [1], the dedicated mailing-list [2] has not seen an announcement
since February 2011.

Dear candidates, do you think it would be wise to advertise `testing` as
a usable distribution to our users given that state of affairs? Given
that our security support for stable is already not as best as it could
be, do you think we should encourage volunteers to be more active in
security support for testing? Do you have ideas on how to attract more
volunteers to the dull, hard, and sometimes boring tasks of taking care
of security issues in Debian?

[1] <http://testing-security.debian.net/>
[2] <http://lists.debian.org/debian-testing-security-announce/>

Thanks for your answers. :)

Jérémy Bobbio                        .''`. 
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