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Re: Debian's relationship with money and the economy

On 2013-03-14 23:34, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
I never use my @freexian.com email even when my contributions are the
result of work for my customers. We have many DD working at Credativ,
I have never seen Credativ being credited anywhere. HP is recognized for their hardware donations, but I don't remember having seen DD use their
HP email for contributions on hppa or other kernel work. Etc.

I don't think there's any policy to discourage that. In fact I see many DDs and other contributors who use a paid-work address for their Debian work, although most of these are small consulting companies etc. rather than giant IT companies.

Indeed, this is fairly uncontroversial. We already make press releases about, and otherwise publicise Debian's partners/sponsors/supporters.

It's uncontroversial for sponsors that provide money and hardware.
Would you do it for companies that contribute features? For example,
Linaro funded my work on multiarch. There are probably other examples
but as I said, they tend to be not advertised within our community.

I can't personally see how to create a policy that would fairly enable this, without also publishing a press release for every company that allows a DD to spend some time on Debian matters. In fact, there is a stronger reason to thank companies who give time for generic Debian work rather than ones who fund specific features for their own benefit.

And I suspect that we should be even more grateful to companies which just give their employees a good work/life balance, allowing them to have spare time that they can spend on Debian outside work, but I don't think it makes sense to publicise those employers in press releases.


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