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Re: [all candidates] Debian as an FSF Free Software Distribution


On 14/03/13 at 12:21 -0400, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> Hello, DPL'ers,
> What work will you be doing to continue Zach's efforts to negotiate with
> the FSF over Debian's status as a Free Software Distribution?
> Will you treat this issue as a priority? Can we expect continued open
> dialogue with the FSF on this issue? Would you be willing to help find
> the right concessions on both sides to collaborate?
> What is your opinion on this matter?

That's a useful initiative, but a clearly a topic where I would welcome
help from others. For example, we will have a former DPL soon that sounds
quite motivated by this topic, and will have a lot of free time soon... :)

So, if elected, I would monitor progress, and intervene if needed, but I
would be unlikely to be on the front line.

A great achievement would already be to agree with the FSF on a detailed
list of disagreements. Some easy bugs are likely to be fixed in the
process, but I'm not convinced that we should go much further, and
negociate/compromise /make concessions with the FSF.


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