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Re: A "Review & Mentor" team

On 03/13/2012 06:18 PM, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> I would also love to see a "Review & Mentor" team, something that could
> work along and with the NM process, whose task would be to do just what
> the name suggests: reivew packages, help find a sponsor

Oh, *that* is very interesting. And that gives me another idea.

You know, I've been reading -mentors for quite some time, because when I
was needing sponsorship, I was frustrated as well. Now that I've done
few sponsoring, I don't read -mentors too much because there's too much
traffic. But for sure, I'd be happy to do few sponsoring for the type of
package on my *area of interest* (eg: hosting and servers). But since
there's too much traffic and I have a limited time, I don't read much
-mentors, and I must have skipped few interesting packages.

Now, what I'd be very glad to have would be that Debexpo knows about
tags, and that someone needing sponsoring would tag his package once
it's uploaded to Debexpo.

A sponsor would, on his side, select what type of tags he is interested
in. For me for example, I'd be selecting server type of software, so I'd
for example select system::server. Then I would receive on my mail all
request for sponsoring server related RFS only, saving me the loss of
time browsing -mentors which is flooded with X-Window / GUI software
that I care less about.

Having all this would mean that the following change occurs:
1/ Debexpo would allow sponsoree to edit tags on their software
2/ Debexpo would allow sponsors to register for tags they are interested
in, and send RFS depending on matches with 1/

The added benefits would be that:
- new software would immediately tagged, and tagging could be reviewed
and discussed with sponsors
- sponsors wont get flooded with packages they don't care about
- sponsors will not miss software they do care about

Of course, this is only an idea that I'm throwing, and I'm not raising
hand for the implementation, but at the same time, the ones who have
worked on tags and debexpo could be in a better position to do it.

Thoughts anyone?

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: I quite understand that this is off-topic for -vote, but since this
is where it started, I'm sending it as a reply to Gergely post anyway.
If you follow-up, *PLEASE REMOVE* debian-vote@lists.debian.org (I've set
the Reply-To: header, but who knows what broken mailer/habit people
Also, I'm adding -mentors to the list, and Enrico (sorry, I can't
remember what is the list name on alioth for the tag stuff, feel free to
forward this message there...).

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