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DPL practicing


Let me quote your platform for context:
> 2.3.1  DPL practicing
> > If elected again, the next term will be my last term as DPL, because I
> have different plans for my long term Debian future. Having that in
> mind, I will work since the very beginning of the term to ensure a
> smooth transition to the next DPL. The DPL is an elective charge so I
> don’t get to pick a successor (luckily!). Rather, what I intend to do is
> work to setup an environment where prospective candidates can practice
> with DPL activities. Calling for volunteers didn’t work in the past, but
> might work this time thanks to the certainty—which I’ve just given
> above—that this will be my last term.
> If that will still not work, I plan to contact people I feel like
> working with, and invite them to participate in DPL activities. Either
> way, I hope to be able to form a group of people who are motivated
> enough to, at the same time, help out with DPL tasks for the next term,
> and get a glimpse of what the DPL job is about. Whether it will actually
> happen or not is not up to me, but to the actual interest of people to
> step in and work with me to practice on DPL tasks. If that will work, I
> intend to hold monthly public IRC meetings with the people helping out,
> where outstanding tasks on the DPL agenda can be reviewed and new one
> discussed in a more transparent way than by mailing leader@d.o.

Could you give some examples of DPL tasks of the last 24 months that you
could have transferred to someone else?

Looking through your log, I have the impression that most of the tasks
are either very short tasks, or tasks that would require the DPL's own
attention very frequently (unless you will authorize people to talk as
if they were the DPL).

What are the main skills required for a DPL? How will your practicing
practice them?

Why do you think that previous attempts of DPL practicing failed?


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