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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members

Paul Wise wrote:
> Stefano you seem to be 5 years too late with this GR, fjp's AM report
> looks like he was accepted primarily for his work on documentation and
> translations:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2005/02/msg00017.html

Not really. From my original advocation of Frans:
| Basically, Frans is now one of the relatively few core d-i developers.
| I've watched him grow from a smaller contriutor to the project
| (originally he was working only on the installation manual), learn all
| the details of working with packages and d-i and now he's everywhere,
| working on lots of different parts of d-i, from working on
| network-console and the s390 port to processing installation reports and
| helping users. He's made the whole thing seem impressively effortless,
| while at the same time clearly putting a lot of work into the project.
| Frans is exactly the kind of person we need more of on this project and
| he deserves to be an official member of it.

> In addition, as cate pointed out, the constitution already allows
> DAM/FD to accept such people.

And it *has* happened. For example, Mattias Wadenstein is a
non-packaging DD. He works on CD building and mirroring. Here's his AM
report from 2004: http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2004/09/msg00033.html

see shy jo

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