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Re: Naming of non-uploading DDs (Was: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members)

On 09:26 Wed 15 Sep     , Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> If we go for DDs without upload rights, I think that we should be
> extremely careful about not transforming this new kind of DDs into second-class
> members of the project. A way to do that is to avoid giving them a name,
> and emphasize the fact that they are DDs, not another sub-kind of
> project members. The "no upload rights" part would just be a minor
> technical distinction.


I think we should not go to some kind of discrimination about terms.
For example, people writing documentations are as importants as DDs but they
don't need so much access than a DDs should need. A project is a whole and have
members. Official members in Debian are called DD. And I think DD is a good
choice since "developer" can be used in several contexts. For me, I see more the
term "developer" as development inside and around the project.

What we could have is.

Case 1.

Debian Developer ---> Unlimited upload access
      |-------------> Documentation R/W access
      |-------------> FTP-Master
      |-------------> Release manager

Case 2.

Debian Developer ---> Upload access on personnal packages
      |-------------> Documentation R/W access 

Case N.

Debian Developer ---> access to ...
      |-------------> access to ...

I see a DD more as a project member instead of a specific member.

To attribute rights we could have procedures like we have NM process for
having Unlimited upload access. The documentation team could have some templates
and follow contributors for attributing the DD status with Documentation R/W
access. And all DD should have voting rights.

Well it's just some ideas I have in mind and wanted to tell here. Maybe Im
pushing things to far.

Xavier Oswald <xoswald@debian.org>
GNU/Linux Debian Developer - http://www.debian.org/
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