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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members


While I support welcoming non-packaging contributors as project members,
I am concerned that we are creating the concept of second-class DDs (or
at least, that it will be communicated like that).

I see two different ways to avoid that:

[A] Avoid giving DDs without upload rights any special name or title
(like "Debian Contributors"). Their official title should be "Debian
Developers", and they should only be special-cased in the documents
where the distinction between DDs with upload rights and DDs without
upload rights is important.

[B] Give everybody upload rights anyway. If we trust them to influence
the project's decisions through voting, we should probably trust them to
do the right thing and not upload packages when they don't feel
qualified to. After all, I am a DD, I have the technical power to make
changes to eglibc and upload it, but I should probably not do that. Why
am I treated differently from DCs in that regard?
Of course, we have a problem with security, and it's probably not very
reasonable to have 1000 DDs able to upload every package, and connect to
every project machine. So I think that we could use this GR to ask DSA,
DAM and keyring-maint to investigate changes to the Debian
infrastructure that would mitigate security issues in the case of a
compromise of a DD's credentials.  Examples, just to illustrate what I'm
thinking about:
- create a "limited upload rights mode", where DDs would only be allowed
  to upload their own packages. Action from the DD, like a login on
  db.debian.org, would be required to switch to "full upload rights
  mode", and that mode would auto-expire after a month without any
- do something similar for access to project machines.

My own preference is [B] > [A] > [original GR proposal]. But I'd like to
hear some other opinions before working on a draft amendment for either
[A] or [B].

 - Lucas

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