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Re: GR: welcome non-packaging contributors as Debian project members

On 14.09.10 10:53, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

Of all those topics, one topic *might* have consensus already: accepting
as DDs contributors which have contributed a lot to Debian doing
non-packaging work, which intend to continue doing so, and which are
ready to uphold our Foundation Documents.  My feeling of consensus on
that builds upon: in person feedback, private mails, and a growing
number of requests on that direction hitting Front Desk (which FD has
kindly shared with me). I do have an impression of consensus, but I
don't have any "quantitative" evidence. As a discussion alone cannot fix
that, here is the draft GR I'm hereby introducing:

I don't understand the procedure. You are already empowered to do it:

8.1 The Project Leader's Delegates:
1. [...]
2. may make certain decisions which the Leader may not make directly, including approving or expelling Developers or *designating people as Developers who do not maintain packages*. This is to avoid concentration of power, particularly over membership as a Developer, in the hands of the Project Leader.

So you are already free to do it by delegating. A GR would be used
to overrule your decision, but, as you already noted, there is
already a general consensus on the issue.


PS: and a personal comment. I think the entire issue is pure technical:
who and how to choice the non-maintainer developers, the account settings and machine accesses, the designation, etc. But in Debian
style we are writting too much (and in a philosophical level).

The decision could do a title on the news, but in reality the real and practical effects are IMHO minimal.


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