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Re: Standardization, large scale changes, innovations

On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 09:57:35AM +0200, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> There isn't just Manoj that work on Manoj's packages (QA team, Security
> team, Derivative distro... and our users!)

They can use standard interfaces to modify the package, should they want
to. Manoj does the same.

> BTW, does Manoj own those package?


> As I wrote those lines, I wonder if some developer don't precisely use
> home made stuff to say "keep out, this is my own package".

If that were the case, that would be bad. But I don't think that Manoj
is doing this; he's doing it because it works better for him. And that's
fully his right.

> > > As long as the result is good -- a working, policy-compliant package
> >  -- how he gets that result is not your business.
> Isn't Debian an organisation (with 1000+ developers)?

Yes, and?

> >  (not the dpkg-dev tools necessarily) like dpkg-divert.  I
> > personally think this is a bug and I'd like to see the low-level
> > documentation of the exact deb format, for instance, in Policy, but it's a
> > very low priority compared to lots of other Policy work.
> > Now of course if one orphans one's package or can't maintain it properly
> > (lots of RC bugs, etc.), then I think redoing the packaging design is fair
> > game once QA comes into play.  Were Manoj to orphan a package, I suspect
> > it's quite likely that whoever picked it up would convert it to debhelper,
> > and that's fine.  If I adopted a package maintained in bzr, one of the
> > first things I'd do is convert the VCS repository to Git.  But as long as
> > the package is staying with its current maintainer and that maintainer is
> > doing a good job, I think the obligation of that maintainer is to satisfy
> > the interfaces, and what tools they use to do that is their business.
> What about Debian users who need to modify a package for special needs?
> What about peer review of the packages?
> What about other teams in Debian? (nmu, porters...)
> What about derivatives?
> What about upstream review of his packages? (there isn't just patches).

That can all be done. There's nothing in Manoj's packages that makes it
impossible to do so.

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