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Re: Standardization, large scale changes, innovations

On Thu, 25 Mar 2010, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> > 4/ Organizing changes that have an impact on (a large part of|all) the
> >   archive is very difficult:
> >   [...]
> >   How can we change our processes so that doing/organizing such changes
> >   is less of a burden?
> The only way is to make it easy and rewarding for people to adopt new
> tools.  I don't think there's any kind of bureaucracy that would make
> people more willing to change their way of working.  Only technical
> advantages and easy migrations paths work.

You got me wrong. I don't want to change our processes to force people to
adopt new tools. I want to change our processes so that it's easier to
complete far-reaching projects: in my case, it includes everything from
working on dpkg-source to ensuring that the new formats can be used in
sid.  In other cases, it can be modify our infrastructure to collect debug
information and make it available as .ddebs, or maybe modify our
infrastructure so that we can provide updated translations in point
releases, etc.

> > 5/ I have the feeling that Debian is innovating less than it used to do.
> >   We are more often followers rather than leaders.
> >   Do you share that feeling?
> >   What shall we do to make that change?
> I definitely share the feeling.  I also definitely don't think that
> imposing standards is the way to become innovative.

As I said to Wouter, the standardization question and this one are

> Now, I do find very interesting this question very interesting.  One
> thing is to be more open to new ideas.  Another thing is to encourage
> people to try new things.  It's mostly a cultural thing, we used to
> have a culture of innovation and now we don't.  We need to bring it
> back, but I don't see an easy way for this. I'll ponder some more
> about this.

Do you believe that our NM process could be responsible of this by
unvoluntarily favoring packagers over developers?

> In any case, I think this question deserves its own thread.

Agreed but too late. 

Raphaël Hertzog

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