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Re: Getting more people involved in "core" teams.

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 7:25 PM, Kurt Roeckx <kurt@roeckx.be> wrote:
> I think that one of issues we have is that there is alot of work
> to be done by some teams, some of them even regularaly mail that
> they need more members, but they seem to have a hard time keeping
> the numbers up, burning the other team members out.

As has been said in this thread and others, Debian is currently
suffering from lack of involved people in almost all areas, not only
in specific teams.  And thus we need to reach out and get more people
involved, in general, not only for the core teams.  But I'll answer
about core teams in particular.

> What are your ideas to make sure those teams keep running?

I'd like to have two "Teams that need your help" pages, clearly
listing the teams that need help and what is needed in order to help
them.  One of these pages would be contributor oriented, and the other
one developer oriented.  If a team has tasks that anybody can do, and
tasks that require DD access, it can be listed in both pages, if you
only can help by being a DD, then it can be listed in the developer
page only.

I also think that sometimes people get burned out when working in the
core teams, because most of their work goes unnoticed.  I'd like to
raise awareness of the work done by these core teams, so that they
could get more credit for what they do, and thus feel a bit more
respected by the project as a whole.

Zack's idea of mentioning the teams that need help in the "Bits from
the DPL" message, is also another way of reminding potential team
members that their help is needed.  I'd do that too.


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