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Re: Questions for all candidates: decentralization of power

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010, Clint Adams wrote:
> 4) The tech-ctte has the power to appoint its own members. I do not
> know why they should be allowed to self-manage when their judgment
> on the issues raised to them has often been less-than-stellar. [...]

If there are decisions which are less-than-stellar, the proper method
to address them is to have a GR under 4.1.4.

> Is there any legitimate reason why core teams should be allowed to
> select their own members with or without external oversight?

In the case of the CTTE, §4.1.3 and §4.1.4 allows the developers to
have oversight over all of the decisions that the CTTE takes,
including membership in the CTTE.

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